The home technology landscape has changed dramatically in the last several years. Advancements in home control systems and the tremendous acceptance of tablets and "smart" phones has opened a market once reserved for only the few. With so many new products coming into the marketplace in such a short period of time it is no wonder confusion is commonplace. ManagedHomeSystems takes the time to understand the needs and desires of our clients and specializes in presenting solutions that simplify the selection process. The result is system design and implementation that meets expectations and budget. Once installed our system becomes an integral part of your home and your lifestyle. Home technology that is easy to use, easy to maintain and makes all your home systems work as one can only add enjoyment to your home experience. Not to mention added family security, energy management, lighting, remote access, and many other possibilities that provide you with true control and management of your home. Contact us today to discuss the system that is right for you!